How We Help

Sherlie Children’s Home  –  India

The Sherlie Children’s Home cares for the neediest children in the district.  A permanent facility was constructed in 2015.  The new facility was upgraded in 2016 with a security wall, a separate area for cooking and more space for each child.  We provide their food, take care of medical expenses, toiletries, rent, electricity, gas  and water, staff salaries and transportation costs.

Dedication of the new building – April 2015

Abba Home For Girls  –  Pakistan

Christians in Lahore care for 30 girls in the Abba Home.  They were abandoned by their mothers after their fathers died or left the family and their mothers remarried. They are provided food, clothing and school fees, so they can attend school. The girls are also given a a variety of enrichment opportunities by people in the community, including staff from the US Embassy. Guests are invited to deliver inspiring messages and teach the girls life skills.

Rwanda & Zambia

We are providing financial support to help Christian students attend school in Rwanda and Zambia.